Winter Special!

Winter Special!

100% natural product
Highest quality
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Directions for use

Heat in a pot on medium heat to melt or leave in a cool area to solidify. 

Warning: Hot wax can burn skin easily.

Storage & Shelf Life
Beeswax does not have a best before or expiry date. Do not leave in direct sunlight or on fabrics. Store in a container in a cool, dark, dry area.

Product Guide

Winter Special!

✓ Our beekeepers at Natures Buzz have produced the highest quality bees wax for home, commercial and export use for over 38 years. During honey extraction the bees wax is separated out from the honey using a world-class spin float system.

✓ The best part is, our wax is food grade quality and contains no nasty chemical residues.

✓ Light bees wax is produced from freshly built honey comb within the hive.

✓ Dark bees wax is produced from the well-worked honey comb, as the bees meticulously reduce, reuse and recycle within the hive.


Ingredients: Pure Light Beeswax

Best Uses: Lunch wraps, food wraps, candle making, batik, crayons, furniture polish, envelope seal, balms, cosmetics, lip balms, lotions, floor polish, waterproofing, bee frame waxing and more.