Our honeys are specially harvested from the native untouched lands covering Northland, New Zealand.
New Zealand's main producer of the highest grade Medical Mānuka Honey, used all around the world.
Family owned and operated for over 38 years, spanning two generations of beekeepers.

A passion for bees

David Whitehead our founder, was born for all things nature. He was fascinated with bees and their importance of pollinating crops. Starting with his first beehive in 1980, his passion and love for bees grew and so did the hives. David increased to over 3000 beehives in 1992, pollinating orchards from Kerikeri to as far south as Te Puke. When the hives weren't in pollination, they were foraging nectar - only problem there was no export market for Mānuka Honey.


Discovering Mānuka Honey

Dr Peter Molan started his research on Mānuka honey in 1981, during the research Dr Molan struggled to get adequate samples of true Mānuka Honey to test in the lab. David and 15 other beekeepers were contacted to source Mānuka Honey samples all over New Zealand to discover the hidden power of Mānuka Honey. For years David worked closely with Dr Molan, to discover the uniqueness of Mānuka Honey. He sent samples from different areas all over the North Island of New Zealand. Dr Molan's research found Mānuka Honey possessed unique antibacterial properties not present in any other honey, then coining the term Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA). This we know today as Methylglyoxal (MGO).


Advanced Processing Facility

Thanks to years of indepth research, David knew he had a special kind of honey. His Mānuka Honey had to be harvested, extracted and packed differently from other honeys to protect its goodness. With David’s practical farming background, he got to work designing, engineering and building a state of the art extracting facility especially for Mānuka Honey. Extracting, storing and packing his Mānuka Honey with little to no heat or moisture meant the honey was preserved just as nature would, retaining the antibacterial properties in both raw and creamed Mānuka Honey. 


International Award & Growing Exports

The proof was in the honey! Natures Buzz pride for quality meant high demands worldwide for it’s Mānuka Honey. As more consumers became aware of the health benefits of Mānuka Honey, demand grew not just in New Zealand but in America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Russia and South Africa. In 2008, more than 1000 companies from around the world competed in what is considered the highest accolade for food producers at the Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Awards in London. It was not often that medals are awarded outside of the UK, but Natures Buzz took gold for its Mānuka Honey 20+ (now labelled MGO850+).


Testing and Quality

With the influx of beekeepers and Mānuka honey on the market, regular testing of honey samples is crucial in maintaining high-quality honey. This ensures it meets all regulatory compliance and our high standards. Quality testing is done for moisture, Tutin, residues, glyphosates, HMF, MGO, DHA, NPA, Multifloral Mānuka, Monofloral Mānuka and more. Natures Buzz works closely with accredited independent laboratories Analytica and Hill Laboratories, ensuring only the best Mānuka Honey reaches our customers.



Perfected by nature, authenticated by science, brought to you by us

High-quality antiseptic
Anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties
Non-GMO Project certified
For healthy eyes and heart